Artist Management

Succeeding as an artist requires a lot more than being great at your craft. From marketing to brand management to even making sales and contacts, making it big can take a lot of time away from doing the things that you love. That's why artists like you have come to rely on our team for support. We specialize in managing the details of an artist's career that they don't have time for so they can focus on being big hits with their growing numbers of fans. Call today and learn how we can help in your plan.

Artist Promotion

If you want to see your name trend on social media or to get invitations to the biggest events, then you need a promoter who knows how to increase your brand awareness. That's what you'll find if you call and leave the job to us. We work with artists in different genres and empower their brand with the tools and recognition they need to succeed. From social media blitz, public appearances, and more, we'll do all the work so that you can look great. Call today and learn how we can help in your plan.

Manager Services

Do you find that you're spending too much time handling duties to get back to your art? From reading and responding to emails or tweets to arranging meetings and recording sessions, the management side of this business can take up a lot of your time. But you can leave the hard work to us if you call and request our management services. We excel at providing artists like you the tools they need to excel, by taking up the duties they don't have the time for. Call today and learn more.

Record Label Assistance

If you have ever been to a record label meeting, then you know how hard it can be to make it big. Between negotiations for pay, scheduling for releases, and other similar duties, you might not get the deals that you deserve for your hard work. But when you call our team for help, we will give you the leg up you need. We'll assist you in dealing with the record labels so that your music can excel and see better marketing blitz and even negotiate higher pay rates for you. So call today.


Do you find that you're not performing at venues? Spending too much time tiring to get to that particular artist team? Touring is great for your career and sometimes takes skill and time. But you can leave the hard work to us if you call and request our touring services. It can be a two city or 50 cities. US or UK. Call today and learn more.